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Art-Res Anatomy Ebook (v1.6 Future Updates Are Free)


A compilation of anatomy articles and resources in a clean, offline format.

Includes master posts not seen on the site and is a living document (will updated as time goes on). 

I sifted through tons of anatomy tutorials to bring you a high quality set of resources to master human anatomy. 

Currently 38 pages and last updated in early 2021.

If you already purchased it and looking for updates, you should be able to access this link again. The book will be edited in place and can new versions can be accessed by signing into Gumroad again. This is the first time I've hosted this on Gumroad, so contact me if you have any questions! 

Note: no external resources or images are posted, only a link to the original source so 100% of the traffic is viewed on the creator’s social media/original site.

Please contact with any questions.


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A high quality compilation of resources and tutorials to learn human anatomy.

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Art-Res Anatomy Ebook (v1.6 Future Updates Are Free)

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